be quiet and drive far away...
13. The Other Side

What is this?

What am I seeing?

What am I hearing?

I can’t feel my legs

Salt water is abundant

It smells like the ocean

Am I dead yet?

Is that Jesus I see?

(Life is bad

but it could be worse

lucky for me I get to smile

because I stand here watching people live their lives

so peaceful and quiet

things I will never have)

I live on playing tunes

tunes long forgotten

but fear not

music never dies

it only changes just as much

so it seems that I weep for nothing

scream for something.


I see this other house. I feel so distant.

2X So what do I have to work for now?


They called me crazy

and they were right

but at least I’m alive

I’m no longer resting with the dead…

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